Rules and Regulations For Pitch Bookings

Stall Holders – Rules and Regulations

  1. A standard pitch size is 3.5m x 3.5m square – Accommodates a standard gazebo. If the size of your pitch needs to be any bigger or smaller please contact us to discuss your needs.
  2. If you require a double pitch or two separate pitches, please use the “Number of Stalls” option when booking.
  3. If you require more than one pitch, please state when booking if you would like them together or in different locations on the green.
  4. Stall holders MUST make payment at the time of booking or the booking will fail.
  5. Stall holders MUST have Public Liability Insurance (2 Million+) for their pitch and equipment. The Certificate of Insurance, valid for the fayre date, needs to be uploaded to your application online when booking.
  6. If your Insurance Certificate is going to be renewed before the fayre day, please upload your original insurance document and then forward your new policy document, when it becomes available.
  7. We do NOT except ID insurance cards on their own. We need to see the full front copy of the Public Liability Insurance Certificate.
  8. Stallholders who are selling food MUST also attach a copy of their Food Hygiene Certificate.
  9. We do NOT supply any equipment for stall holders, such as tables, chairs, gazebos etc. Please do NOT take equipment from any other pitches or from the Cricket Pavilion.
  10. Please make sure you write a brief description of the products you will be selling or activity you will be running on the day. You will be asked for this when booking online.
  11. Please do NOT change your activity or the products you are planning to sell without consulting the Stalls Administrator.
  12. Electric is NOT available for general stalls. Electric will be prioritised to zones like the food and drinks court.
  13. The use of generators is allowed with the agreement of the Stalls Administrator. Generators MUST be silent running and out of reach of the public. You will need to supply a risk assessment for using this item.
  14. All stall holders will be given one black bag for rubbish and one white bag for recycling. ALL RUBBISH IS TO BE TAKEN AWAY WITH YOU AT THE END OF THE DAY.
  15. Any stall holder who leaves rubbish on the green may be refused a stall next year and will be invoiced for the disposal of the waste.
  16. On the day of the fayre stalls can be set up from 8am. Vehicles which belong to stall holders are to be removed from the green by 11:30am at the latest and parked in the fayre car park, more details to follow with stalls instructions, nearer the time.
  17. When driving your vehicle around the green, please use your hazard lights during setup and take down for safety reasons. Please drive SLOWLY and follow the lead of our volunteer marshals.
  19. At 11:30am vehicle movement will NOT be allowed on the green and the main vehicle entrance will be only for emergency access only, until the fayre is over at 5pm.
  20. In a situation of bad weather (such as heavy rain) or an evacuation no vehicles are to be moved until you are told it is safe to do so. Stall holders with vehicles are to wait until a marshals guide them off the green safely.
  21. Stall holders who have parked their vehicles behind their pitches in previous years or wish to do so must have permission from the stalls administrator. This agreement MUST be agreed before the day of the fayre.
  22. At the end of the day, no vehicles are to be moved on or off the green until 5pm. Vehicles are only to be moved before this time if you have permission from the Events Team.
  23. There will be no refund of fees in case of bad weather or for any other reason.
  24. When applying for a charity stall, you must provide your registered charity number. This will be verified by the stalls administrator.
  25. Stallholders selling alcoholic beverages may only do so with the agreement of the stalls administrator. A TENS license (Temporary Event Notice) will be arranged by the fayre on behalf of these stall holders.
  26. The Events Team and anyone associated with the organisation of the fayre shall NOT be responsible for any loss or damage to products or personal property. Money and valuables should be kept out of sight and secured.
  27. The Events Team will NOT grant exclusivity to any stall holder, in relation to the products and services being sold/provided.
  28. The Events Team cannot be held responsible for the fayre being cancelled before or on the day for any reason.
  29. By making this pitch booking for Bearsted & Thurnham Carnival & Fayre you have agreed to the rules and regulations of having a pitch at the fayre. If these rules are broken we have the right to cancel your booking or ask you to leave on fayre day.
  30. If you have any questions or concerns to do with stalls or pitches please contact our stalls administrator with the details below.

Bearsted & Thurnham Carnival & Fayre

Nicky Bedford – Stall Administrator

If you need help with stall bookings, please e-mail Nicky via our Contact Us page. 

Fayre Mobile – 07724 553121